Postcard from Kansas: Trade reform a hot topic at the 2014 Washington Days

Posted by LRaup on 03/15/2014

Infrastructure, manufacturing, and trade. A trifecta of perfect topics for a weekend in Topeka, Kansas.

Earlier this month, the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s (AAM) Mike Mitchell and Rachel Bennett Steury were on hand at the Kansas Democratic Party's annual convention, Washington Days, to talk about policies that could help manufacturing. And despite Kansas’ manufacturing job loss since 2001, there is a solution: realigning exchange rates.

According to a recent report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), tackling currency manipulation -- a practice by which countries exploit exchange rates to cheapen their exports and make American ones more pricey -- the approximately 37,000 jobs lost plus thousands more could be brought to the Sunflower state again. The EPI report states that approximately 67,000 jobs could be created.

On the ground in Topeka, Mitchell and Bennett Steury heard Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (that's her in the picture!) deliver a keynote address that focused on many of the core issues in AAM’s Comprehensive National Manufacturing Strategy: investing in infrastructure, incentivizing domestic manufacturing, rebuilding America’s innovation base, and making trade work for America's manufacturing workers.

Overall, the Washington Days in Kansas proved a successful stomping ground for those in support of challenging China’s currency and strengthening the U.S. manufacturing industry. Props to Mike and Rachel for spreading the word. After all, there’s no job like manufacturing!

AAM Field Coordinator Mike Mitchell contributed to this piece.

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