Paul: Administration could do more to help manufacturing

Posted by mmcmullan on 01/14/2013

"The administration has done some things but could do a lot more to help manufacturing."

That was Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul, speaking today in the Huffington Post. Paul was giving his two cents on the challenges the Obama Administration will face in its second term. (The Huffington Post is running a series of articles on the subject.)

Today's topic? Jobs, jobs, and jobs:

On the stump this year, the president made manufacturing a centerpiece of his vision (for his second term), arguing that a combination of tax reform, investment and education could help repatriate quality jobs to U.S. soil and stabilize the middle class. Perhaps sensing the political popularity of such an idea in Rust Belt states like Ohio and Michigan, the Obama campaign set the lofty but achievable goal of creating a million new manufacturing jobs during the president's second term.

In a recent interview on "Meet the Press," the president renewed his commitment to investing in infrastructure, which he called "broken," as another way to create good-paying jobs.

Some observers believe the Administration will follow through on its promise to focus on America's manufacturing sector during this term. And Washington's incoming class of politicians certainly spent enough time talking up jobs and trade during the election. If their enthusiasm is any judge, we certainly hope to see movement on these issues in the coming months.

Read the whole Huffington Post article here.

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