Oregon Governor Signs Buy America Bill.

Posted by scapozzola on 03/20/2012

The Governor of Oregon has signed SB 1556, legislation allowing state agencies and local governments to give greater preference to American products when making orders for transit vehicles. The bill passed both the House and Senate unanimously.

SB 1556 has the potential to help U.S. companies that make buses, ferries, and streetcars.  Because of Federal rules, if an agency or local government wishes to give a preference to a bidder whose vehicle has more U.S.- made content than the 60 percent currently required by federal standards, the agency needs to be authorized to do so in statute to ensure eligibility for federal funds. SB 1556 is a permissive bill and does not impose a new mandate on local transit agencies.

Instead, SB 1556 gives Oregon’s communities greater control over how their public resources are spent and provides transit agencies with the opportunity to contribute further toward the creation and ongoing sustainability of good, well-paying jobs in Oregon and nationwide.


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