One step closer to military recruits with made in America shoes

Posted by TGarland on 10/18/2013

At the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) we're always interested to hear what New Balance has going on. After all, the New England-based company is the only manufacturer still making athletic shoes in the U.S.

Recently, we highlighted New Balance’s effort to persuade the military to require recruits to use their $75 shoe allotment to buy American-made shoes. But to benefit from such a decision, the company would have to comply with the 1941 Berry Amendment.

And New Balance, to its credit, is working on that. It recently purchased a facility called the IMEVA that makes a lightweight midsole.

While we wait for Congress to get up and running again (see what we did there?), check out this graphic which illustrates  where each part of the New Balance Made in the USA 950 is sourced.

Read the full story of New Balance’s quest here.


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