October 5, 2011 Headlines: China Currency Updates, Schumer vs. Boehner, Cyberattacks, and More

Posted by smorgante on 10/05/2011

The Hill: Sen. Schumer called on Speaker Boehner to put the bill up for a vote in the House.

WSJ: Boehner calls the bill “A pretty dangerous thing.

Poltico: Senate Democrats are pushing for quick action on the China currency bill.

TPM: Senate Minority Leader McConnell wants to tie the currency bill to the American Jobs Act.

NYT: China strongly objected to the bill.

AP: The effect of foreign policy (including China’s currency manipulation) on the GOP primary.

AP: Is China an issue area where Democrats and Republicans can agree?

WSJ: China’s hackers are rewarded for their cyberattacks on the United States.

Trade Reform: Fed Chairman Bernanke has harsh words for China’s currency manipulation.

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