October 4, 2013: No BLS data, no problem. We got your jobs report right here.

Posted by mmcmullan on 10/04/2013

Good morning,

Big day today at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM). For one, it’s October 4: It’s MFG Day, the reason we’ve been bringing you some most excellent manufacturing facts for the last few weeks. And just as important, it’s the first Friday of the month -- the day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) drops its monthly employment statistics, and we update the #AAMeter.

But not today in Shutdown City. This month’s BLS jobs report is a casualty of the ongoing government shutdown, which is beginning its fourth day. Going through a little bit of data withdrawal? Don’t worry, AAM has got you covered. We’re compiling our own jobs report this month, and we’re asking our supporters to help us do so.

And you can help, too. Did someone you know get a job this month? Did you? Did family, a friend or an acquaintance start, or stop, looking for work? Then we want to know about it. Tell us about your job-hunting experiences, the hurdles you faced, and your successes or failures in your community. Check out the picture; the whole AAM family is blasting the jobs report out on social media!

Share your story because we want them all: Email us your jobs report at info@aamfg.org, tweet it to us at @keeptimadeinUSA, or contact us via Facebook. Don’t get lost in the three-ring circus that Congressional politics has become, America. Too many of our fellow citizens are out of work or can’t find enough of it, and their stories need to be heard. Help us tell them!

Elsewhere around the web:

Majorities in both chambers of Congress have had serious beef with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal for some time, and folks are starting to take notice. The Washington Post's Howard Schneider notes that currency manipulation is a serious concern among the deal’s critics (you can count AAM among them):

The issue is a long-standing one in U.S. politics but would be difficult to embody in a trade agreement. The import of the letter, however, was in the number of signatures — 60 senators and 230 members of the House — and the work between Ford and the union in gathering them.

Dean Baker, who runs the blog at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, makes a good point: Trade agreements and “free trade” agreements are not one in the same, and the latter term is used a little too loosely.

The ongoing budget brouhaha might actually affect next month’s jobs report, too! The Wall Street Journal’s Eric Morath reports that government analysts are due to start the next survey of households in a week or two:

If federal employees are out much past October 15, the survey would be conducted later than normal, said Kevin Hall, a senior research fellow at George Mason University. That could delay the report and skew the data.

If the government is still shut down at that point, we’re going to have more economic problems than just postponed employment data.

Shutdown or not, we need to consider what kind of economic course we’re on. AAM President Scott Paul posits a question in an Industry Week opinion: Do we really value manufacturing’s place in our economy?

Too few of our policymakers have considered the consequences that came with losing a third of our manufacturing jobs in the last decade.

Hear, hear.

Lastly: The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is presenting Huddle, Politico’s weekday morning newsletter that previews what’s happening every morning on Capitol Hill. Click here to sign up and get it in your email.

TGIF, America! Keep on working, and don’t forget to send us your jobs report. If Washington can’t be bothered to issue one, then we will.


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