October 31, 2013: An American-made Halloween

Posted by TGarland on 10/31/2013

A ghoulish, gruesome morning to you,

BOOOO! We hope this Halloween morning finds you lost in a dry-ice fog bank, drenched in fake blood, and already tearing into some American-made candy with your plastic vampire fangs.

Yesterday, we posted a video of our visit to Specter Studios, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of costumes, masks, and props. All of Specter’s stuff is American-made – the studio operates out of Pittsburgh, after all – and we were pleased to find out just how much craftsmanship goes into each of Specter’s unique Halloween get ups.

Check out the video below! And Happy Halloween!

Elsewhere around the web:

The U.S. Treasury Department released its semi-annual report to Congress yesterday. Exactly zero people at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) were surprised to learn, as documented by Ian Katz and Kasia Klimasinka for Bloomberg, that the report found China’s currency “significantly undervalued.” The Treasury stopped short of calling China a currency manipulator. Spoiler alert: China indeed is a currency manipulator. Speaking of which, the report also says the Treasury will closely monitor the Japanese government’s policies.

Perhaps the Treasury not look further than this Business Insider article. Sam Ro writes that Japan’s manufacturing numbers hit a 41-month high in October. In fact, this is the fastest Japan’s manufacturing sector has grown in the last three years. There are some good reasons Japan's manufacturing sector is growing so rapidly. Did you want to take a stab at one of those reasons? Here’s a hint: re-read the paragraph above about China …

And we know free trade is not always fair trade. Again, check out the two paragraphs above. Ralph Gomory of the Economic Populist writes that the U.S. must come to the realization that non-market factors play a key role in reshoring jobs from China.

China's exchange rates, as we know, are set by its government, not by markets. The massive government subsidies of land, energy and technology, in addition to low- or no-cost loans, are barely mentioned. These are, however, the levers that have catapulted Chinese industries into global prominence in a very short span of years. And these government actions are not going away; if anything, they are increasing.

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Happy Halloween, America!


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