October 3, 2013: Let's put together a jobs report!

Posted by mmcmullan on 10/03/2013

Good morning,

Day Three in Shutdown City begins. And the politicians, unfortunately, aren’t any closer about addressing the underlying concerns that have created the ongoing budget impasse. That means no monthly jobs report tomorrow from the Bureau of Labor Statistics!

Pretty weak, Washington. Without a jobs report, won’t be able to update our running tally of manufacturing jobs created during President Obama’s second term -- we call it the #AAMeter -- like we normally do.

No jobs report? No problem: At the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) we are compiling our own.

AAM wants to hear your jobs stories. Did someone you know get a job this month? Did you? Did family, a friend or an acquaintance start, or stop, looking for work? Then want to know about it. Tell us about your job-hunting experiences, the hurdles you faced, and your successes or failures in your community. We want the jobs outlook in your America.

While politicians sit on their hands, help us tell the story that the jobs data can’t and Washington won’t: that of the U.S. economy. Email your personal jobs report to info@aamfg.org, tweet it to us at @keeptimadeinUSA, or contact us via Facebook.

Elsewhere around the web:

It’s not all about the shutdown on Capitol Hill. Democrats in Congress are raising issues with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that the Obama administration is in the midst of negotiating. Writes Bloomberg’s Brian Wingfield:

'I am worried the agreement will not in practice level the playing field for American companies,' trying to compete against state-run corporations, Representative Mike Michaud, a Maine Democrat, said in a Sept. 25 letter to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman.

Succinct and well said, Rep. Michaud. That puts you in line with a majority of your House colleagues, a majority of the U.S. Senate, and the American auto industry.

The shutdown begins to hit manufacturing. As the federal government continues to suspend spending, defense contractors and manufacturers are being forced to furlough workers or halt production, report the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) James R. Hagerty, Doug Cameron, and John W. Miller. And manufacturers are concerned:

The impasse compounds the situation for U.S. manufacturers already nervous about the new health-care law and a wobbly U.S. economy. After hitting a low of about 11.5 million in early 2010, U.S. manufacturing employment recovered to nearly 12 million in mid-2012 but since then has stagnated.

The recent American energy boom is set to make the U.S. the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas -- if it hasn’t already, reveals a WSJ analysis. Russell Gold and Daniel Gilbert report that the America produced the equivalent of about 22 million barrels a day of oil, natural gas and related fuels in July, according to figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

As for your shutdown-themed manufacturing fact?

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Happy Thursday America! Don’t forget to send us your jobs report. If Washington can’t be bothered to issue one, then AAM and American workers will step up to the plate.

And a final note...tomorrow is Manufacturing Day. A lot of factories around the country are opening their doors for manufacturing enthusiasts. Check out the website to find one near you!


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