October 29, 2013: Holy smokes, is there manufacturing policy coming from the Hill?

Posted by mmcmullan on 10/29/2013

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A busy day, we hope, for a jobs policy. The Senate Democrats, at this very moment, are announcing a new focus on increasing manufacturing employment. Leading the effort is Delaware Senator Chris Coons, who previewed the proposal in a Roll Call opinion last night:

The United States is primed for a manufacturing revival, and there’s a lot Congress can do to restart this vital economic engine. Although you wouldn’t know it from watching the news, there’s actually no shortage of good ideas from both parties for helping our manufacturers grow and create jobs.

Emphasis added, ’cause that’s what we’ve been sayin’! And heck, we’ve been saying it for a while now. We’re looking forward to seeing what the Senators have to say, and more importantly, what happens in the way of successful legislation afterward.

Elsewhere around the web:

We noted it in yesterday’s Early Shift, and here’s a little more: It seems the economy was slowing even before the 16-day government shutdown. Reports out Monday showed manufacturing and factory output only rose slightly, writes Lucia Mutikani for Reuters, who notes that growth might be hamstrung by the perennial uncertainty surrounding Washington’s budget negotiations.

Summarizing the findings of a new Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey, BCG’s Harold Sirkin writes that manufacturing executives are warming to the idea of reshoring production to the States. Okay. We’re still waiting for the jobs to follow this growing wave of interest ... Stand by ...

Wondering what will become of the Detroit’s historic Packard Plant?

The new owner, a Texas doctor who bought the dilapidated complex at foreclosure auction for just a little north of $6 million, plans to transform it into a export-focused factory for modular homes and offices. That’s the plan, says JC Reindl of the Detroit Free Press, though a massive cleanup effort must commence before production can start.

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Happy Tuesday, America!


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