October 26, 2011 Headlines: Boeing's New 787, China's Clean Energy, Paulson Cautious on Currency, and More

Posted by smorgante on 10/26/2011

AP: The first Boeing 787 rolled off the production line in Everett, WA.

WSJ: Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (the guy who presided over the subprime crisis and response) thinks it may be dangerous to ask China to play by the rules, even though he thinks that currency reform is in everyone’s best interest.

Wired: Another sad tale of an innovative product designed in the United States and Made in China.

NYT: China is looking to invest in Fresh Water.

USW Blog: Leo Hindery Jr. on why Congress needs to focus on Manufacturing jobs.

WSJ: Looks like China has another currency to manipulate.

WaPo: Are companies leaving the U.S. because it’s hard to do business here? Research says no.

WSJ: Will China’s poorly-regulated “shadow banking” system be the next subprime investment to collapse?

The Telegraph: America is on the rise again?

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