October 22, 2013: Jobs report brings good news for people who like mediocre news

Posted by mmcmullan on 10/22/2013

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2,000. That’s how many manufacturing jobs were created in September, according to this morning’s delayed jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of 148,000 jobs created nationwide. Before you get too excited, know this, after adjusting numbers for previous months, manufacturing also lost 2,000 jobs.

Okay, so what’s that mean for the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s (AAM) #AAMeter? It means … Well, here, take a look:

Pretty lame, right? That’s only 12,000 new manufacturing jobs this year; way off pace toward creating the one million of them that President Obama pledged to help create by the end of his second term. That campaign promise is going nowhere fast.

There are a few things to note before we file away another abysmal jobs report. First: These numbers reflect the job market before Congress manufactured a crisis, shut down the government, and almost defaulted on the U.S. debt. Forgive the prognostication, but the next jobs report (coming in just over a fortnight, on the second Friday of November) could be downright bad. And second: There’s more to the jobs report that just numbers. There are real people – millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans – behind the dismal data. And their stories deserve to be heard.

Are you one of them? Have you – or your friends, family, or neighbors – started looking for work recently? Have you stopped? Send in your jobs report to info [at] aamfg [dot] org, tweet it to us at @keepitmadeinUSA, or contact us via Facebook. And read the ever-updating report right here.

Elsewhere around the web:

Tax reform is daunting but doable, write James P. Pinkerton and Elaine Kamarck. In an opinion for Politico, the co-chairs of Reforming America’s Taxes Equitably, warn that “the U.S. economy is expected to be 1.5 percent to 2.6 percent smaller as other countries embrace competitive corporate tax rates at this nation’s expense.”

When and if Washington gets around to tackling tax reform, we should make sure any update to the tax code rewards investment in America.

In the Scientific American, J.P. Rangaswami looks at the rising tide of access to additive manufacturing (3-D printing) and he is psyched:

If the creative process in manufacturing were all about recipes, what would the world look like? The new creators will be those who have access to the laboratories where they can safely experiment with different ways of manufacturing and verify the results before they are disseminated.

Most excellent. Midwest Bus Corporation in Owosso, Michigan landed a two-year, $31 million contract with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. That means 100 new jobs. Walter Smith-Randolph of NBC25 has the story.

And don’t forget:

We’re always looking for more of your jobs reports. AAM is asking its supporters across the nation to send in a jobs report as they see it from their communities. Help us tell the human story behind the economic data by emailing info [at] aamfg [dot] org, tweeting to @keepitmadeinUSA, or contacting us via Facebook.

Happy Tuesday, America!


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