October 19, 2011 Headlines: Bipartisan Infrastructure Ideas, China Currency and the GOP, and More

Posted by smorgante on 10/19/2011

Bloomberg: Is there a second miracle in the works for American productivity? We need one.

WSJ: Increase in factory output was driven by demand.

WaPo: Bipartisan support already exists for these infrastructure ideas.

Bloomberg: China’s stocks fall, led by losses in the auto industry.

WaPo: The China currency issue is sweeping through the GOP candidates.

WSJ: Has China succeeded in creating a soft landing for their once-surging economy?

Yglesias: For the first time, wages are outpacing productivity in China.

Tom Friedman: China manipulates their currency, this harms China and the U.S., I support the China currency bill, but it shouldn’t become law. What??

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