Obama and Romney trade jabs on manufacturing

Posted by scapozzola on 05/14/2012

President Obama has posted a campaign video that takes his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, to task for helping to engineer the closure of Kansas City's GST Steel.  The video explains that GST Steel, which had supported good-paying manufacturing jobs for more than a century, went into bankruptcy after Romney's firm Bain Capital, took control in 1993. When GST closed its doors, workers lost their jobs and portions of their pensions.

Essentially, the video says that manufacturing jobs are important, and the workers interviewed feel that Romney would be out of touch with their needs.

The video comes after Romney hit Obama hard on manufacturing last week, suggesting that while U.S. manufacturing is on the verge of a comeback, President Obama has failed to develop alternative forms of energy or to take full action to help American industry.

At a campaign appearance in Charlotte, NC, Romney earned some of his biggest applause, according to MSNBC, when he focused on manufacturing and China:

Some of the candidate's biggest applause lines came when he promised that one of his first executive orders would be that union and non-union workers can work on federal projects and "clamping down on cheaters like China when they take away American jobs."

Obama and Romney appear to be escalating their campaign rhetoric.  However, the potential winner of such heated exchanges is America's manufacturing sector, which seems to be taking center stage in the war of words.

Manufacturing is the key to a prosperous middle class, and this renewed focus on the wellbeing of U.S. factories is welcome news.

Click here to read more about Romney's recent campaign rhetoric on manufacturing.

And click here to view President Obama's campaign video on Mitt Romney's business record.

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