November 4, 2013: The 'more Biden' edition

Posted by mmcmullan on 11/04/2013

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Happy Monday! We’re a couple of days into November -- or Movember, if you’re into the facial-hair-for-a-cause thing -- and around these parts, that means it’s time to start gearing up for the monthly jobs report. The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is still very interested in hearing about what the employment situation looks like in your neck of the woods (please scroll down for more details on how to submit your own jobs report to AAM HQ). But what kind of official numbers can we look forward to? Well, here’s what a bellwether report from ADP had to say:

Yuck. That’s decidedly run of the mill, and won’t do much to boost the #AAMeter, our ongoing tracker of manufacturing jobs created since the beginning of President Obama’s second term. Fair warning, America: This month’s employment report could be pretty mediocre.

Elsewhere around the web:

Manufacturing’s return to the United States doesn’t necessarily mean jobs will come with it, comments Jeff Reeves for Market Watch:

To be clear, the rebirth of U.S. manufacturing does not in any way mean the rebirth of U.S. manufacturing jobs. For instance, Walmart’s big “made in America” news to source some footwear, curtains and glassware here in the U.S. will result in a net gain of just 385 jobs. And it’s unlikely that those positions pay $60,000 a year and have a nice pension.

Coming up on Wednesday: Vice President Biden is heading to North Baltimore, Ohio where he’ll visit a railway hub connecting the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. The veep is expected to highlight the importance of investing in our nation’s infrastructure reports the Toledo Blade.

More Biden (because we could all use more Biden): The vice president is scheduled to visit China, Japan and South Korea in December to reinforce the Obama administration's commitment to its “Asia pivot,” write Steve Holland and Paul Eckert for Reuters. Biden is expected to talk up the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement when he stops in Japan, which, it’s worth mentioning, is not getting good reviews from American manufacturers.

Who’s the boss? Yes, Tony Danza, hardy har. Let’s rephrase the question: Who does public perception hold to be top dog in the global economy? While the U.S. maintains a clear economic advantage when it comes to GDP, plenty of Americans think that China, the world’s second largest economy, will take the top spot within five to seven years. The Wall Street Journal reports on a poll conducted by the financial website The Street.

Send in your jobs report.

There’s more to the monthly jobs report than just numbers. There are people behind the data, and their stories deserve to be heard. Do you have one to tell? Have you – or your friends, family, or neighbors – started looking for work recently? Have you stopped? Send in your jobs report to info [at] aamfg [dot] org, tweet it to us at @keepitmadeinUSA, or contact us via Facebook. And read the ever-updating report right here.

Have a good week, America!


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