November 2, 2012 Headlines: jobs numbers, an array of views on China, and more.

Posted by LDonia on 11/02/2012

Washington Post: Both job growth and unemployment increased in October.

Huffington Post: Part one of a series critiquing Obama's and Romney's stances on issues affecting manufacturing.

Daytona Beach News Journal: Manufacturing deserves the spotlight in this election.

Bloomberg: Business Roundtable President says campaign rhetoric will not spark trade war with China.

WSJ: Two professors debate China's economic future.

NBC: China has strong words and increases suspicions for U.S.  following campaign rhetoric.

Washington Post: Romney's 'Day One' approach to China comes with many potential repercussions, could backfire.

Bloomberg: Rather than single out China, U.S. should bring currency policy under review through I.M.F. or W.T.O.

Washington Post: U.S. manufacturing growth leads to positive day for stock markets.



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