November 2, 2011 Headlines: GOP Manufacturing Roundtable, Fed Sees Slow Growth, Infrastructure, and More

Posted by smorgante on 11/02/2011

DMR: GOP candidates participated in a roundtable to share their ideas on manufacturing jobs.

DMR: Ideas from the candidates who weren’t able to attend.

WSJ: The Fed is expecting slower growth in the coming months. Again.

Harold Meyerson: Innovation is good, but we need to make it here as well as think it up.

WSJ: As the European economy careens closer to the edge, odds of a Chinese bailout decrease.

NYT: Despite being the setting for a major Hollywood movie, Linyi, China is also the location of serious human rights abuses.

WSJ: More bad data on manufacturing, with slower growth in September.

WaPo: Comparing U.S. infrastructure to that of Europe.

WSJ: The U.K.’s Foreign Secretary takes on China’s human rights violations.

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