November 16, 2011 Headlines: Manufacturing and the Middle Class, Obama vs. Romeny, Jobs Return from China, and More

Posted by smorgante on 11/16/2011

Bloomberg: Manufacturing jobs create a strong middle class. Why isn’t Congress doing anything about it?

CBS: Manufacturing jobs are coming back to Aurora, IL.

USAT: U.S. companies look to sell more products in China.

Politico: Obama and Romney spar over the economy.

Bloomberg: A new poll shows Obama losing to Romney in New Hampshire, dragged down by pessimistic voters.

AP: Congressmen criticize the use of foreign aid funds to assist China.

NYT: The United States looks to project power into Asia, to counter an ascendant China.

The Atlantic: To get a full recovery, we need entrepreneurs.

WSJ: Skills training is important to advancement and job hunting.

The Hill: Senators Chris Coons and Marco Rubio are pushing for a bipartisan jobs plan.

Yglesias: Fed President Charlie Evans wants to rescue the economy, not fight inflation.

Reuters: Paul Krugman and Larry Summers debated what the future of the economy will be.

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