November 15, 2012 Headlines: Stories from Rolls Royce, Hershey's, Chicago, the Bronx, and more...

Posted by LDonia on 11/15/2012

New York Times: Skills training center in the Bronx finds success placing graduates in "green" manufacturing jobs.

Washington Post: Firms paying fines & back wages to foreign students who were employed by Hershey's.

Kansas City Star: House of Representatives may be voting on trade deal with Russia as early as Friday. The relationship between U.S. manufacturers and the Department of Defense needs to change.

Politico: Ongoing Chinese cyberattacks present threat to U.S. industries

Slate: Now that U.S. & China have leaders in place, it's time to move relationship forward, stop catering to "dimwits".

progress-index: Rolls Royce announces new manufacturing facility in Maryland.

CBS: Chicago invests over a million dollars into manufacturing training.

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