November 14, 2013: Obama's visiting a steel mill to talk #mfg!

Posted by mmcmullan on 11/14/2013

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We’ve got a big Thursday for manufacturing news. President Obama is visiting a Cleveland, Ohio steel mill and then delivering remarks on the economy and manufacturing’s place in it. What will he have to say? Will he announce any policies to boost manufacturing employment? As Zachary Goldfarb of the Washington Post points out -- and as we’ve been showing for months -- the president’s promise to create 1 million jobs by the end of his second term is stuck in the mud. Stick with us on Twitter for live updates during the President’s speech, and even more from Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul who’ll be in attendance.

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Another month, another shrug at ballooning trade deficit with China.

That’s one way to report on the trade gap. Another is to say that our monthly trade deficit with China hit another all-time high. Not good, America! Not good at all. Here’s what AAM’s Scott Paul had to say.

This morning: Janet Yellen, President Obama’s nominee to chair the Federal Reserve, will testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee. Will she have anything to say about foreign currency manipulation? By the time you read this Early Shift, we may well know. But we know what Yellen has said in the past: “China pegs its currency to the U.S. dollar.” Janet Yellen, 2010.

Heating up: Lawmakers and American automakers, reports William Mauldin of the Wall Street Journal, are increasingly agitating to see that currency provisions are included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Just yesterday, that coalition gained a new ally in Rep. Dave Camp.

Today: AAM’s Brian Lombardozzi will join a pair of experts -- Stacey Wagner, of the National Institute of Standards and Technology; and Sridhar Kota, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan -- in a Google hangout to discuss small and mid-sized manufacturers’ contributions to American innovation. Got a question? Ask it! Join the Google hangout tomorrow at 2 p.m.

The jobs report came out last week.

But there’s more to the monthly jobs report than just numbers. There are people behind the data, and their stories deserve to be heard. Do you have one to tell? Have you – or your friends, family, or neighbors – started looking for work recently? Have you stopped? Send in your jobs report to info [at] aamfg [dot] org, tweet it to us at @keepitmadeinUSA, or contact us via Facebook. And read the ever-updating report right here.

Happy Thursday, America.


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