November 10, 2011 Headlines: GOP Debate, Obama vs. China, SuperCommittee, and More

Posted by smorgante on 11/10/2011

NYT: Another GOP Debate, this one on economic issues.

Politico: Obama’s biggest foreign policy challenge is China.

WSJ: Is Obama the best candidate for Manufacturing? NAM seems to think so.

WSJ: A slowdown in Chinese growth is bad news for the global economy.

WSJ: China’s trade surplus fails to meet expectations.

WSJ: How long will the recession last in Europe?

Naked Capitalism: The (economic) downsides of outsourcing.

WSJ: A dual exchange rate for China?

WSJ: Although the recession has been done for over a year, there are still 4 unemployed people for every job opening.

WSJ: The SuperCommittee’s deadline is approaching, and there’s no sign of a deal.

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