More news about the troubled working conditions at Apple's factory in China.

Posted by scapozzola on 04/05/2012

Apple products are manufactured in China at the massive Foxconn facility.

In Foreign Policy Magazine, Clyde Prestowitz describes some of the recent findings of a workplace analysis of Foxconn:

The working hours survey said it all. Average working hours per week in the Foxconn/Hon Hai factories in China that make Apple products were put at 56.1 hours. Maximum hours worked in the last three months were 61.1 hours per week. And the longest consecutive work period without a rest day during the last three months was 11.6 days. These figures were released by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) as Apple Chief Tim Cook last week toured the factories where his company's products are made.

This Cook's tour was not for sightseeing purposes or for showing the flag. The FLA report had been commissioned to investigate complaints of inhuman work place treatment that were feeding a brush fire of charges that Apple is making enormous, obscene profits on the backs of poorly paid and badly treated assembly line workers in China. It was to put out this fire that the FLA report release was timed to coincide with Cook's visit.

Now, in case you didn't know, let me explain that China does not have the world's highest labor standards or most powerful labor unions. Indeed, indeed, it has among the lowest and the weakest. Nevertheless, the FLA found at least 50 "serious and pressing non-compliances" with China's cream puff workplace code of conduct and labor law. In addition, labor rights organizations from India, Indonesia, and Poland as well as from the United States wrote an open letter calling upon Apple to provide a living wage so that Chinese workers do not have to work excessive overtime and also calling for an end to use of involuntary labor.

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