MFG Trivia: Cassette tape manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Posted by LDonia on 10/07/2013

In a post yesterday, I mentioned that the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) had a couple of cool things lined up to share on MFG Day ... but they were pre-empted by our Jobs Report.

You may recall that, back in September, we started a MFG Day countdown on ManufactureThis, by sharing one piece of manufacturing trivia each day. Alas, we never finished the project, as we hustled bring you the the jobs report. And we were so close to capping off the list!

Here, now, is our final piece of manufacturing trivia:

Image by Flickr user cassettes, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

Wondering what people are doing these days with cassette tapes? According to National Audio, a company that makes a lot of them, clients run the gamut from people who just enjoy the audio quality of a cassette, to those who enjoy making mixtapes that are actual ... well ... tapes.

While we don't have any cassettes here at AAM, we didn't want to let this opportunity to make a playlist pass us by. So we polled our office and asked what everyone's first cassette tape was. Here are the responses we received and, a special bonus, a playlist that includes three tracks from each person's first cassette. Enjoy.

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