Members of Congress begin vying for President Obama's proposed manufacturing hubs

Posted by LDonia on 02/20/2013

You may recall, during last weeks' State of the Union address, President Obama presented the idea of creating new manufacturing hubs. These facilities would be places, according to the president's speech, "where businesses will partner with the Departments of Defense and Energy to turn regions left behind by globalization into global centers of high-tech jobs."

This is an idea that Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul applauded following the speech. Now, a week later, it's become more and more apparent that Paul isn't the only one who likes the idea.

Today, two Members of Congress have publicly stated that they'd like to bring such a hub to their districts.

Jack Reed (D-RI) released a statement saying:

Rhode Island is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and would make a great site for one of these new, advanced manufacturing centers.  There will be many regions vying for this.  But I am hopeful that the state, along with our universities and local businesses, could partner to form an effective coalition where industry, academia, and government collaborate on advanced manufacturing to, as the President put it, 'guarantee that the next revolution in manufacturing is made in America.'

West Virginia's WTOV9 News reports that Reed's colleague, David McKinley (R-WV), feels strongly that his district in the Ohio Valley is the appropriate place for a hub.

According to WTOV, McKinley took part in a hearing, in his district, aimed at protecting American manufacturing.


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