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Posted by LDonia on 10/15/2013

Autumn is off to a great start at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM). Regular readers of ManufactureThis likely know all about our Manufacturing Trivia and #MyJobsReport, but we wanted to share some of our offline stuff too!

In September we visited Jan Baum at the Object Lab at Towson University (in Baltimore, MD). She showed us the 3D printers and various other tools she and her students use in their additive manufacturing projects. We had a great time learning about advances in manufacturing and how new technology will shape the sector in coming years and decades. Thanks to Ms. Baum, the Object Lab, and Towson University for being such great hosts. Check out the video we made of Baum explaining 3D printing.

Pictured, one of many additive manufacturing machines at the Object Lab. Photo by Lauren Donia.

In October, Josh Miller, maker of Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey visited our DC headquarters for a screening of his (aforementioned)film. We had a great time with Josh. He sat down with us for an interview, and participated in a Q&A with audience members after we screened his film.

Pictured is AAM President Scott Paul (L) with Miller, following the film screening. Photo by Lauren Donia.

On October 4th, AAM celebrated Manufacturing Day in Towson, MD with the Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) of Maryland. RMI of Maryland and AAM ensured manufacturing would be on the state's gubernatorial candidates' agenda. We discussed Maryland's manufacturing sector and provided participants with a blueprint for American manufacturing: AAM's new book, ReMaking America


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