May 3, 2011 Headlines: China Currency Update, Detroit Surges, and More

Posted by smorgante on 05/03/2011

WaPo: All of a sudden, China suddenly realizes the danger of an undervalued Yuan. What decisions will they make?

Detroit is back in the driver’s seat after Japanese setbacks (WSJ). And the Corvette factory in Bowling Green, KY is set for an upgrade (WSJ).

WSJ: What drove the deceleration in manufacturing last month? Higher materials cost, for one. 

NYT: The price of rare earth metals, needed for most advanced electronics, continues to soar

Reuters: It may sound like Science Fiction, but Chinese scientists are working hard to achieve nuclear fusion.  Why isn’t the U.S. working on this type of innovation?

HuffPo: Looks like China’s chickens are coming home to roost when it comes to their currency policies. 

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