May 27, 2014: Trade remains a big deal

Posted by mmcmullan on 05/27/2014

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And welcome to the Early Shift. We hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, this unofficial start to summer – and if you had an extra day off, took a moment to thank a soldier.

Here’s what’s been happening in recent manufacturing news:

Fresh on the heels of a criminal case against members of the People’s Liberation Army for participating in textbook private-sector industrial espionage, the U.S. won a victory against China in a trade dispute before the World Trade Organization over China's tariffs on American auto exports. Reports the New York Times:

Even though the new W.T.O. ruling will have no immediate practical effect, it is seen as potentially important for American businesses, as it might discourage China from putting up antidumping or anti-subsidy tariffs in response to foreign trade actions that it dislikes in the future.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) thinks it was the right decision.

Trade, after all, is a big deal. If it isn’t done right, and the rules aren’t enforced, livelihoods are put on the line. That’s why AAM and its partners in the domestic steel industry have been rallying recently to make sure our government doesn’t reward trade cheats with access to the massive American market. This write-up from the Cleveland Plain Dealer took a look at AAM's campaign to save steel jobs.  Next stop: Monday, June 2 in Lone Star, Texas. Read up on this issue, then take action.

And lastly: It’s White House Science Fair day! President Obama has been visiting with kids who’ve come up with some pretty legit science projects, and the White House has a pretty cool website detailing their inventions (and there’s a live stream, too). Definitely worth checking out.

And that’s it. That’s it and that’s all for the Early Shift until Friday, America. We’ll see you then.


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