May 19, 2014: Today's #SOSJobs rally is in Pennsylvania!

Posted by mmcmullan on 05/19/2014

Good morning,

And welcome to the Early Shift. It’s all rallies all the time for the moment at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM). On Friday, we joined Steelworkers in Granite City, Illinois who are facing a flood of dumped imports and are demanding the government fully enforce America’s trade laws.

The rally went well ...

... So we’re doing another one this morning, this time in western Pennsylvania. We’ll be in Munhall, near Pittsburgh, at 11 am ET to rally in another community whose economy will be at risk if Washington doesn’t get this trade case right. You can watch the whole event right here via our livestream.

But what else is going on out there?

The U.S. Department of Justice is about to file charges against Chinese government officials for allegedly hacking U.S. business interests. Hmm. It’s been over a year since a bombshell report detailed the involvement of the People’s Liberation Army in such cybercrime schemes against American targets, so we’ll say it again: Maybe it’s time we stopped granting the Chinese government such favorable trade terms.

A Russian oligarch is trying to loosen Buy America laws so his company can make money off of public infrastructure projects in the United States. Said AAM President Scott Paul: “Why would you want to, through the legislative process — whether intended or unintended — do something for a Russian oligarch at a time like this? It just doesn’t make sense.”

And, ICYMI, out in Oregon: The city of Portland is divesting itself from America’s largest retailer, Walmart. The import king must not represent the kind of economy that residents of the City of Roses – and most Americans, for that matter – want to see flourish.

And that’s it. That’s it and that’s all, America. Don’t forget: Check back at 11 am ET for a liveblog of today’s #SOSJobs rally in Munhall, Pennsylvania. And watch a livestream of the event by clicking here.


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