March 24, 2014: Our bracket has been wrecked

Posted by mmcmullan on 03/24/2014

Good morning,

And welcome to the Early Shift. The Alliance for American Manufacturing’s (AAM) bracket, determined by job creation potential, is in shambles. But boy, were those college hoops games good this weekend. We’ll get over it. And c’est la vie, Wichita State!

But what else is happening out there?

President Obama met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on the sidelines of a nuclear summit in Europe today. Lots of stuff on the agenda. Will the value of China’s currency be an item? The president’s trade representative said today the administration will “continue” to push for a market-oriented yuan, but it certainly hasn’t pushed very much so far.

ICYMI: The New York Times has an illuminating story on the state of gas utility infrastructure, in the Big Apple and elsewhere around the country:

Communities across the country have been struggling to replace thousands of miles of these old, metal pipes with pipes made of plastic or specially coated steel that are less prone to leakage. Few, however, face as daunting a challenge as New York City.

To replace all of the old mains in its network right now would cost as much as $10 billion, Con Edison estimates. Much of that expense would fall on the residents and businesses that use the gas for heating and cooking.

That sounds like a lot, but remember that Americans value infrastructure investment. That, and other factoids can be found in AAM’s latest poll. Here’s another good one:

And that’s it. That’s it, and that’s all, everyone. Have a good Monday! We’ll be here all week.


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