March 23, 2012 Headlines: Romney and China Currency, American-Made Busses, Global Slowdown, and More

Posted by smorgante on 03/23/2012

NYT: Mitt Romney’s stance on China is at odds with the rest of his platform.

WaPo: According to Chinese media, Romney’s words ring hollow.

NYT: The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District will be buying their new busses from a California company.

WaPo: “Green” jobs in manufacturing and construction count for 2.4% of all jobs in 2010.

WSJ: The case for further stimulus.

NYT: Major economic indicators in China and Europe show signs of a slump.

AP: Fears of a global slowdown send markets down.

TIME: China’s high-tech manufacturing industry is all for export.

The Hill: Weekly unemployment claims continue to fall, now at a 4-year low.

AP: In another sign of China’s increasing standard of living, Cessna has announced plans to build business jets in China. l

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