March 17, 2011 Headlines: Stepping Up Trade Enforcement, Chinese Counterfeiting, and More

Posted by smorgante on 03/17/2011

Progress in Congress: Missouri lawmakers propose to step up trade enforcement (P-D), while West Virginians sign on to currency manipulation legislation (Gazette).

Forbes: The head of a large electronics importing association says America shouldn’t focus on manufacturing. 

IW: And, a trade lawyer who represents importers says that we should not enforce our trade laws. 
Bloomberg: As Obama heads to Brazil, the U.S. and China vie for influence in Latin America. 

NYT: Another look at how the disaster in Japan is impacting the supply chains of multinational companies. 

IW: China is #1 in counterfeiting

WaPo: George Will argues that the purpose of China’s naval buildup may be “more ominous.” 

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