Manufacturing jobs and national security go hand-in-hand in Rhode Island.

Posted by TGarland on 03/20/2014

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) crew heads to Pawtucket, Rhode Island on Thursday. We’re joining Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) for a conversation on the intersection of manufacturing and national security.

[If you’re in Rhode Island, RSVP for the event here!]

So just how important is manufacturing to Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has a rich industrial history, and manufacturing contributes $4 billion to the state’s economy every year. As of December 2013, 40,200 people in the state of Rhode Island were employed in the manufacturing sector.

Overall, the state of Rhode Island lost 31,900 manufacturing jobs between 2000-2012. That’s almost 45 percent of all manufacturing employment. Of those, 11,900 were lost due to the trade deficit with China between 2001-2010.

But manufacturing is more than jobs—it’s a foundation of our national security. U.S. national security depends on a robust defense industrial base and, more broadly, on a strong and diverse manufacturing sector. Brigadier General John Adams, U.S. Army (retired), highlighted this point in last year's ReMaking American Security:

Brigadier General John Adams
Brigadier General John Adams
Brigadier General John Adams
Brigadier General John Adams

The United States’ national security is threatened by our military’s growing and dangerous reliance on foreign nations for the raw materials, parts, and finished products needed to defend the American people. The health of our manufacturing sector is inextricably intertwined with our national security, and it is vital that we strengthen the sector.

Rhode Island has a history of making high-tech naval systems, weapons, clothing, and equipment for the military. That's why AAM is bringing together Senator Reed, Brigadier General John Adams, AAM President Scott Paul, Raytheon, and other local business leaders for a conversation on domestic manufacturing’s relationship to national security and job creation.

Join us in Pawtucket this Thursday evening with Senator Jack Reed. RSVP here.

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