MANUFACTURING FACTS: The first wire suspension bridge in the world was American-made in Pennsylvania

Posted by LDonia on 09/05/2013

As we mentioned yesterday, we're counting down to Manufacturing Day, with a daily piece of trivia.

Today's "Did You know" comes from a state that is often synonymous with manufacturing: Pennsylvania. The world's first wire suspension bridge was built there in 1816 over the Schuylkil River by factory owners Josiah White and Erskine Hazard so their employees could get to work everyday (here's what that bridge might have looked like).

But that's not all: White and Hazard were following in the footsteps of fellow Keystoner James Finley who, in 1796, created America's first suspension bridge. That bridge was built in 1801. It spanned 70-feet and was chain-link, rather than wire.

Learn more about Pennsylvania's historic bridges. And check out our other manufacturing facts.

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