Manufacturing Decline Has U.S. Intelligence Community Worried

Posted by jeckert on 02/15/2011

A Forbes blog outlines the pitiful decline of manufacturing, how a monumental trade deficit and extensive offshoring practices have lead to the decline of American manufacturing and the loss of good-paying middle class jobs.

But there is a new industry joining the ranks of worriers when it comes to manufacturing in the U.S.--the intelligence community.

According to Forbes:

Richard McCormack reported in Manufacturing & Technology News on February 3 that the Director of National Intelligence has initiated preparation of a National Intelligence Estimate to assess the security implications of waning manufacturing activity in America.  National Intelligence Estimates are the most authoritative analyses prepared by the intelligence community, definitive interagency products typically reserved for the most serious threats.  So the fact that the nation's top intelligence official thinks a National Intelligence Estimate is needed for manufacturing isn't a good sign.  It suggests that America's industrial decline is approaching the status of a crisis.


What more will it take for Congress and the Obama administration to crack down on unfair policies that are presenting a, potentially very significant, threat to our national security?

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