"Made" Movement combines American-made products in flash sale format

Posted by LDonia on 08/06/2012


Another day, another company focusing its efforts on making the purchase of American-made products easier.

The Made Movement does this by combining two models, both of which are becoming increasingly familiar to many Americans.

The first model, is similar to that of the American Brand Project, which ManufactureThis highlighted last week. Made Movement highlights companies that make their products in the United States. The second model is familiar to avid online shoppers – flash sale curation. Similar to the way sale shopping sites like Fab or Hautelook function, Made Movement registers people for access to short sales of American-made items.

According to Allison Arieff at Wired, the collection of items for sale at Made Movement is a bit limited at the moment. She found pink handcuffs, playing cards, blankets, notebooks, and t-shirts, among other things.

While the products available may only appeal to a niche market, the philosophy behind Made Movement is one voters in the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s 2012 poll found highly agreeable.

The Wired article mentions:

‘If there is a single idea we aspire to communicate, it’s this,’ says Partner and Chief Creative Officer (Dave) Schiff. ‘When you buy great American things, great things happen for America. The first thing that happens is, you get an awesome product. But beyond that, workers are supported, jobs are created, and the larger economy gets a little shot in the arm.’

AAM’s poll found 97% of voters viewed products made in the United States favorably and 91% viewed companies making their products in the United States favorably.

So, while Made Movement’s inventory may not yet reflect the wants and needs of a wide audience, it seems the majority of Americans are on board with the company’s message. If Made Movement is able to expand its product offerings, it should easily be able to expand its audience and reach.

Check out the Made Movement's website here.

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