• LDonia
• 10/30/2013

In roughly 30 hours, children up and down the east coast of the United States will begin the much-beloved tradition of trick-or-treating. Their counterparts in the other time zones will follow suit not long after.

It's likely too late to influence your Halloween purchases for 2013, but the video below provides a timely reminder of how buying Made in the U.S.A. for any holiday supports our fellow Americans.

• LDonia
• 10/23/2013

If you celebrate Halloween, you'll likely be devoting some time over the next few days to preparations. After all, it's just over a week away.

• LDonia
• 10/16/2013

Though its origin stories are hazy (by which we mean non-existent), October 18 has been designated National No Beard Day.

We imagine many of you are busy gearing up for this occasion, but when you step away from preparing the traditional No Beard Day holiday meal, take a moment to purchase a high-quality American-made razor. It'll be the last razor you'll ever need to purchase!

• LDonia
• 10/09/2013

Around this time every year, the internet fills up with images of carved pumpkins. Some are quite elaborate, and others are just your standard jack-o-lantern, but one thing is for certain: This is not an activity just for children.

• TGarland
• 10/02/2013

A little manufactured fun arrived at our office this week.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is now a proud owner of an American-made popcorn machine.

Our friends at Paragon International helped us prepare for another movie screening at our DC headquarters (more on that later).

• LDonia
• 10/02/2013

What was once a luxury is now pretty much a necessity. You know what I’m talking about: cell phones.

While land lines rapidly go the way of the dinosaur, people are lining up outside certain stores to get new phones the day ... nay, the moment they drop.

But if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone, you best keep that thing safe!

• LDonia
• 09/26/2013

The weather has certainly started cooling down on the east coast. And we heard from someone in Phoenix that it was finally below 100 degrees out there. So, it seems like fall has officially (as of four days ago) and unofficially settled in.

Of course that means it's time for all kinds of fun autumn activities: football, soup-making and consuming, all variations of apple desserts and cider beverages, and hiking and biking.

• LDonia
• 09/10/2013

I'm just going to say it: There's never a bad time for a smoothie, but right now DC is in the final throes of summer and the mercury is rising ... again. It's a particularly great time for a smoothie. (And judging by Weather.com's most recent temperature map, we're not the only ones experiencing late summer heat.)

A lot goes into making a great smoothie: delicious fruit, perhaps a favorite sweetener (I recommend honey), and of course a blender.

• LDonia
• 08/29/2013

In just a few short days, many people in the United States will enjoy a long weekend, in honor of Labor Day.

For those whose plans include some time outside, we wanted to provide some guidance on making sure your fun is American-made.

Below is the American-made day at the beach we posted last summer. To keep things new and interesting, here are a couple more Made In The USA products to include as part of your outdoor activities:

• LDonia
• 08/20/2013

On August 30, 2012, I posted the piece below. Regular readers of this blog, Alliance for American Manufacturing's Facebook fans, and Twitter followers responded very positively to this post, so we didn't want to scrap it.

Instead, we wanted to remind you of it! So, in case you forgot: You can send your child back to school with American-made supplies and you can support the U.S. economy in the process.

As a bonus, here are a few more Made in America school supplies:

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