• elizabethbb
• 07/21/2014

Looking for a way to cool off during the hot summer months? A Tervis tumbler will keep your drink cold in the heat.

• mmcmullan
• 07/18/2014

Bodacious Cases, the waterproof, protective, and customizable iPhone casemaker, wears its American-made heart on its sleeve. Founded on July 4, 2012, the company is headed by a partnership between CEO Arianna Russell, a young entrepreneur passionate about the Made In America cause; and Precise Mold and Engineering, which specializes in injection molding, thermo plastics, and thermoset plastics.

• LRaup
• 06/18/2014

Inspired by the athleticism on display at the World Cup, The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is stepping up our Made in Your City game today by highlighting a fitness brand.

Impact Fitness Wear is based out of Holladay, Utah and manufactured throughout the states. The company offers unique sportswear and athletic gear for women that is fashion forward and available for year-round workouts.

• mmcmullan
• 04/30/2014

Ol’ Bill Clinton was up in Michigan over the weekend, speaking at a fundraiser for the state’s Democratic party. And what did the former president have on his wrist? Shinola, that’s what:

• TGarland
• 04/15/2014

A little squirrel bait arrived at our office this week.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) DC staff is enjoying Gatherer’s Gourmet Granola for breakfast, lunch, and, well, just about any time of the day.

• TGarland
• 04/09/2014

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is finally the VERY proud owner of American-made paper towel holders.

Since moving into our American-made office in late 2012, we’ve searched far and wide for a paper towel holder to complete our “hip industrial” kitchen, to no avail.

• TGarland
• 03/26/2014

Recently, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)  Field Coordinator Rachel Bennett Steury found herself in Billings, Montana, where she stopped by the operations of Red Oxx Bags, Inc. Here's her report on this proudly American-made manufacturer:

• LDonia
• 01/28/2014

Here we are at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), getting bogged down in the run-up to the State of the Union while missing the forest for the trees.

Today is National Kazoo Day!

If you don’t see how those things tie together, allow us to elucidate.

• LDonia
• 01/22/2014

We're sure you don’t need your friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) to tell you this, but please allow us to overstep our boundaries: It’s cold out there!

If you’ve reached the point where you’re considering new heating options for your home, we’ve got an idea for you: the Envi heater.

• LDonia
• 01/14/2014

Well, January 14 is upon us. You know what that means – National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Can you believe it? Doesn’t it feel like the last Dress Up Your Pet Day just happened? The months really do fly by!

This year is extra special, too, as it’s the fifth anniversary of the holiday, which (for the uninitiated) was started by an animal behaviorist as a way for people to celebrate and enjoy their pets.

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