Made in Elma, New York: A special delivery from Mark Andol

Posted by TGarland on 04/09/2014

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is finally the VERY proud owner of American-made paper towel holders.

Since moving into our American-made office in late 2012, we’ve searched far and wide for a paper towel holder to complete our “hip industrial” kitchen, to no avail.

But then opportunity presented itself in the form of Mark Andol. We met the owner of General Welding & Fabricating and the Made in America Store during last year's American Made Movie Bus Tour, and asked if he could make one for us. After all, General Welding & Fabricating's motto is “You dream it. We build it.”

Well, guess what? Wish fulfilled: Last week we received our very own American-made paper towel holders. Made in Elma, New York, the paper towel holders incorporated every trade in Andol’s shop — with one special touch: Andol and his team added the AAM acronym to the design.

Thank you Mr. Andol and your team at General Welding & Fabricating. You’ve built one of our dreams and you’re helping to build ours too, by strengthening and supporting American manufacturing with work at the Made in America Store!

Read more about the blueprint to strengthen American manufacturing.

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