Made in Detroit: the Ford Fusion

Posted by TGarland on 08/27/2013

2013 Ford Fusion Energi SEL plug-in hybrid


The city of Detroit was built on the backbone of the American auto industry — namely the Big Three. And where that industry ebbed and flowed, the fortunes of Detroit followed. This year, the city filed for bankruptcy, which served as a wakeup call for both metropolitan areas and the future American manufacturing.

The auto-industry is hailed as the success story of the Great Recession — a title it deserves. But despite the newfound success of the Big Three, Detroit still lags behind. One reason: the now-profitable Big Three did not bring the same number of manufacturing jobs back to the city as it had supported in the past. Some “American” cars like the Ford Fiesta are made mostly in Mexico.

Although Ford and other auto companies make some cars in other countries, they are slowly reshoring manufacturing to the U.S. In the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s new book, ReMaking America, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative explains that Ford brought production of hybrid transmission components, battery packs, and steel forgings back to Ohio and Michigan because of quality issues eminating from foreign plants.

Ford hasn’t stopped there. The company announced this week that it will launch a production line for the Ford Fusion at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant, just outside the Motor City. The company is investing $550 million in the factory and adding 1,400 jobs to do so.

We’re happy to see more production moving back to the U.S. Well done, Ford!

Image from Flickr user mariordo59, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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