LIVEBLOG: USW's Tom Conway Demands Congressional Action at #SOSJobs Rally to Stem Rising Tide of Dumped Steel.

Posted by admin on 05/19/2014

At today's #SOSJobs Rally in Munhall, Pennsylvania, United Steelworkers Vice President Tom Conway -- the union’s lead negotiator in numerous industries -- said that the “surge in dumped and subsidized” steel pipe poses a direct threat to America's steel industry.  He said that South Korea is not consuming a single inch of the product it has produced.

"The Department of Commerce has failed miserably,” he said and noted that, in addition to the rallies being held,  Steelworkers are walking the halls of Congress to talk this issue up. Said Conway:

We’ve won together on a lot of cases, and working together, we’re going to win this too.

So hang in there, one day longer.

Learn more about the surge in dubiously priced imports that's threatening American steelworkers. Then take action.

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