LIVEBLOG: Tim Murphy makes a connection at the #SOSJobs rally

Posted by mmcmullan on 05/19/2014

While speaking at the #SOSJobs rally in Munhall, Tim Murphy, U.S. representative from Pennyslvania's 18th District and chairman of the Congressional Steel Caucus, made note of the charges the Department of Justice has leveled at Chinese government officials for allegedly hacking into U.S. businesses (many of them connected to America's steel industry).

In fact, the Congressman said that the government should pursue a steel dumping case against South Korea to the same "degree to which the Department of Justice has pursued this hacking case." Here's what he said:

And in addition to legal action that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is taking now, we want the Department of Commerce to bring this case before the ITC (International Trade Commission). Anything made with techniques gained by cyberspying? Not one bit of that will be allowed to cross our borders and be sold in the U.S.

We caught them redhanded folks, and we’re not giving up without a fight. In fact, we’re not giving up at all.

Read more about the cyberhacking case against Chinese officials.

Learn about the steel trade case facing American steelworkers.

And take action here.

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