LIVEBLOG: At #SOSJobs Rally in Minnesota's Iron Range, Gov. Mark Dayton Calls for Action to Save State's Mining Jobs.

Posted by scapozzola on 06/23/2014

At this morning's #SOSJobs rally in Virginia, Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton highlighted Minnesota's proud mining tradition.  He said that saving the state's mining and steel industry jobs has a historical precedent.

Addressing a packed rally of both mineworkers and steelworkers at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia, Gov. Dayton explained:

The history of the Iron Range is the story of people standing strong against oppression.  Too often the government won’t stand up for them.  Courageous men and women fought for their rights.  That fight continues.
Dumped steel takes away your jobs.  This is not a new fight.
It’s time to create more OCTG steel to meet demand for energy exploration.  But what does our Department of Commerce do?  Give South Korea a free pass to dump that OCTG steel pipe in the U.S. market.  Korea doesn’t even have oil reserves to tap with the pipe it produces.
Iron Range productivity and ingenuity will win every time if you’re given a fair chance to compete.  We need to use American steel, made with Minnesota taconite, to make our bridges and buildings.
Our government should stand with all of you.  We should send all of your Iron Range delegation to Washington, and things would get a lot better.

Read more about dumped steel products from overseas.

WATCH Gov. Dayton's speech.


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