LIVEBLOG: At #SOSJobs Rally in Minnesota, U.S. Steel and United Steelworkers Join Together to Fight for Steel and Mining Jobs.

Posted by scapozzola on 06/23/2014

At this morning's #SOSJobs rally in Virginia, Minnesota, U.S. Steel's Larry Sutherland and the United Steelworkers' John Rebrovich explained the urgency of fighting for Minnesota's mining and steel industry jobs.

Introduced to chants of "Mine it here, make it here" at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia, MN, U.S. Steel's Larry Sutherland said:

It’s critical to have fair trade that supports our steel industry and our jobs.  Our iron producers can compete with anyone, if given a level playing field.  The steel products that we produce are the backbone of our energy infrastructure and even our national security.

The United Steelworkers' John Rebrovich stated:

Thank you for fighting to save these jobs.  We saw the same crisis in 2008, we saw the layoffs.  And now we see this problem again.  These are critical jobs, and we’re tired of seeing our jobs shipped somewhere else.

Read more about dumped steel products from overseas.

WATCH today's rally.

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