Liveblog: "This #SOSJobs fight is one you win only by fighting every day," says Marcy Kaptur

Posted by TGarland on 05/05/2014

U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur called the #SOSJobs rally in Lorain, Ohio to demand trade enforcement "a historic moment."

"This is the biggest economic fight of our generation," she said:

You should not even have to be out here. You would think that your government should be on your side.

Kaptur recounted the pitch for NAFTA, PNTR and the Central American Trade Agreement; all had been that they would create jobs. "Well," she said, "that never happened.

"The instrument of trade is broken for our countries and for these workers," Kaptur said, noting the letter that had been submitted to the Commerce Department urging the government to "stand up for steel." The trade agreements hurt America so badly, she said, "that it ruined the auto industry in our country" until President Obama rescued the industry, an action supported by a narrow majority in Congress. "This is a fight you win only by fighting every day," she concluded.

NEXT UP: We hear from a steelworker.

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