LIVEBLOG: Minnesota's State Senators Call On Commerce Department to Take Action Against Dumped Steel

Posted by mmcmullan on 06/23/2014

Next up at the rally on the range were a pair of state legislators. State Senator David Tomassoni recounted previous struggles from unfair trade in the steel industry.

“When the steel industry gets a hiccup, the iron range gets the flu,” said Tomassoni. “But this is a lot worse than the flu.

“The Koreans don’t care if the steel is dumped, but the Commerce Department should definitely care. We need the pipes to be high quality, to be safe pipes and to be made in the United States,” he told the crowd of 1,500. Said Tomassoni:

Lets call on the Commerce Department to rule in favor of your jobs and steelworker jobs all over this country!

State Senator Tom Bakk backed him up, calling iron ore “the life blood of four generations on the Iron Range and this can be the life blood for four generations more … but we need a level playing field to compete on.”

He called for support for vendors who serve the mines that are critical to their communities.  “Unfair trade,” he said, “threaten cities and towns from Cleveland to Indiana, and when those communities are damaged it devastates the Iron Range.”

Bakk noted that President Obama is soon coming to Minnesota, but he urged the President to “go back to Washington and tell the Commerce Department to get some real work done.”

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