LIVEBLOG: Minnesota State Reps Demand Washington Act On Unfair Steel Trade

Posted by mmcmullan on 06/23/2014

A gaggle of Minnesota state representatives spoke next at the #SOSJobs rally on the Iron Range. Jason Metsa, Tom Anzelc and several others followed Governor Mark Dayton’s powerful demand for federal action on unfair trade in steel ... especially tubular products being produced in South Korea and dumped at below-market prices in the U.S. market.

At the Hibbing rally to protest the unfair trade, the sixth and final #SOSJobs rally, Representative Metsa urged the “rangers,” as the people of the Iron Range are called, to demand that Washington enforce the nation’s trade laws.

“On behalf of all eight of us in the Minnesota legislature, I’m proud to stand with you today,” Metsa said.  “Going forward, remember each other.  Remember we are rangers.  And the last thing you want to do is threaten a ranger’s job and his living."

Said Representative Anzelc:

The people of the Iron Range expect Washington to take action to save the jobs of the people of Minnesota.

He urged the rally attendees to call all the major public officials in Washington and demand action.

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