LIVEBLOG: Congressman Enyart Demands Action To End Growing Steel Crisis at #SOSJobs Rally.

Posted by admin on 05/16/2014

Following more chants of “Got to do somethin’, stop that dumpin’,” Congressman William Enyart (D-IL)  took the stage at today's AAM-sponsored #SOSJobs Rally in Granite City, IL.  He told workers, business leaders, and community activists, "We’re here to support American steel, and we’re here to support American workers.”

Enyar said that countries shipping subsidized steel to the U.S. at below fair-market valueAmerica need to know that there’s no question why he is opposing their unfair trading practices.  He said that he’s fighting for “American steel and American workers.”

Again and again he roared “American steel” and “American workers” so that:

“Washington hears the need for a fair deal.  So that America hears it.  So that the whole world hears it.”

Enyart’s own work experience has nurtured a strong commitment to preserving U.S. manufacturing jobs.  Before being elected to Congress, he worked alongside his father on an assembly line at Caterpillar.  The congressman explained that both he and father were members of the United Auto Workers, and he has seen firsthand how good manufacturing jobs are being threatened by unfair trade policies that undercut Illinois manufacturing and the backbone of America’s middle class.

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