LIVEBLOG: "This is about jobs, family, and future" says Bob Casey. #SOSJobs

Posted by mmcmullan on 05/19/2014

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey joined workers and community leaders at a rally for steel jobs in Munhall Pennsylvania.

The Senator kept it brief. Here’s what he said:

This is about our jobs, our family, and our future. We know here in Pittsbugh, that because of difficulties in the international market, that this region has had to reinvent itself. You’ve done that, and know how to do that. The people of southwestern Pennsylvania have never waited for the future.

If we have a level playing field, our workers can outcompete any other workers in the world. So what we’re asking for is simple: a level playing field, and enforcement of the law.

Learn more about the issue facing American steelworkers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Then apply that knowledge and take action.

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