A little more on the post-SOTU roadshow

Posted by TGarland on 02/05/2014

After delivering the State of the Union address to Congress last week, President Obama took his message on the road. In campaign-style, the President visited four states in two days.

The speech was pretty heavy on the manufacturing mentions. What did he have to say about manufacturing in the economy aterward? Let's follow along!

First stop: Costco in Prince George County, Maryland. POTUS urged Congress to give America a raise by increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10.

Second stop: U.S. Steel Irvin in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. The president signed an executive order establishing MyRA, a program that will operate like a Roth IRA. He gave a shout-out to U.S. Steel for the company’s history of domestic production and the United Steelworkers for their part in employees have good pay and benefits. And of course, POTUS didn’t leave without his own hard hat!

Third stop: GE Plant in Waukesha, Wisconsin. At GE’s Waukesha gas engines plant, the president advocated for job training for manufacturing workers. At the event, Mr. Obama signed a presidential memorandum to initiate a comprehensive review of federal workforce training programs.

Fourth and final stop: McGavock High School in Nashville, Tennessee. President Obama emphasized the school’s focus on more professional career-oriented learning. AAM Field Coordinator William Jones attended the event.

The president is calling for 2014 to be a “year of action.” So let’s turning this focus on manufacturing from rhetoric to reality by passing legislation that will actually promote jobs.

Tell your representiaive or senator to support American manufacturing by getting tough on China's currency manipualtion.

And tell Congress to Buy American and invest in American jobs!

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