Let's help keep Ford Made in the USA!

Posted by LDonia on 08/23/2013

When a New York research firm polled 4,500 American consumers on what they consider to be the most patriotic brands, Ford came in 16th.

Ford Motor companies is literally, for many Americans, synonymous with “American Manufacturing.”

As we know from our own poll, Americans want to keep it that way. 57 percent of those polled believe the quality of cars produced in the U.S. has improved, and 91 percent have favorable views of companies that manufacture in the U.S.

Suffice it to say, it is in Ford’s best interest to continue building its fleet in the States. This fact may explain the continuing drum beat coming from Ford to get tough on currency manipulation.

In June, Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally said Japan’s currency manipulation posed a threat to Ford. Yesterday, another executive at the company picked up the cause with more heated comments.

According to Craig Trudell and Ma Jie at Bloomberg Businessweek:

Ford Motor Co…said a weaker yen lets carmakers led by Toyota Motor Corp…keep open plants that are producing a vehicle glut and threatening U.S. job growth.

Production for automakers including Ford is constrained in North America as U.S. sales rise, Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of operations in the region, said in an interview. At the same time, the weaker yen is supporting exports from Japan, which IHS Automotive estimates has 2 million vehicles of excess capacity.

Said Hinrichs, according to the article:

The industry is growing and capacities are a little tight in North America… Where is the extra available capacity going to come from? If Japan’s one of those places, in lieu of more manufacturing in the U.S., the American worker does lose in that proposition.

At the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) we never want to see the American worker lose. It is imperative that President Obama and/or Congress take action to punish countries that manipulate currency.

Let's help keep Ford Made in America. Please check to see if your congressperson has signed-on to co-sponsor HR 1276, a bill that would force action. If not, please send them a message strongly urging them to do so.

Image by Flickr user randychiu, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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