Keep your Breaking Bad costume Made in America

Posted by LDonia on 09/27/2013

Well, it's here. What is possibly the single-most anticipated television event in history: the series finale of AMC's Breaking Bad.

Whether you think Walter White is a narcissitic sociopath with major inferiority issues, or a vigilante hero, one thing is not debatable: Heisenberg has style.

So, if you're watching the finale in costume or just looking for a souveneir to reprsent five great seasons, keep it Made in America.

Goorin Bros. hat shop sells American-made porkpie hats, a la Heisenberg.

The Goorin company started in Pittsburgh in 1895, and now has stores in many states.

And, of course, you can get them online. Check out the porkpie hats here.

Image from Goorin Brothers website.


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